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Currently I have a full on tartrazine crush on orange, it could be the way it takes charge and sings out above the surrounding colours, a burst of fizzing energy.  

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Verner Panton Light

I was busily minding my own business in an very unironic Indian restaurant complete with wildly patterned carpet when I spotted this light out of the corner of my eye. I was so excited to see what I was pretty … Continue reading

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Where Did You Go on Holiday?

Where did you go on holiday, oooh is that the Flat Iron Building, did you go to New York? Well no actually, I went to Margate on a day trip to visit the Turner Contemporary Gallery. It’s an impressive space, … Continue reading

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The Royal Kitchens at Kew

Wasn’t I lucky to win the golden ticket to go along with a friend to see The Royal Kitchens at Kew. Was great to get an idea of all the culinary and preserving tasks that went on in this building, … Continue reading

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Sitting at the kitchen table over cup of tea my friend suddenly explodes saying, ‘I hate carnations, the one sitting in that old pot is beautiful, you’ve made me fall in love with them.’ And yes she’s right, though fashions come … Continue reading

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Plantation Shutters

There’s a big want for plantation shutters here in Kingston. It’s a popular densely packed residential area. High on the wish list for lots of people is to have the privacy to chill out in their front room without the … Continue reading

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South Kensingston Station

South Kensington Station, somewhere I often pass through, it always gives me enormous pleasure. I don’t think it’s purely the anticipation of going to the museums on an outing. It’s the detail that gets me. The imposing pillars, that make … Continue reading

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Sydenham Arts Festival

Noiselessly emails appear in my inbox. Sometimes very, very tasty ones from talented artists like Trinia Dalziel, to tell me that she’s taking part in  the Sydenham Art Trail. Your chance to see what artists are up to catch it this … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

Home, often a reflection of your style, is wherever you make it. This woodpecker was very noisily making home, in the most extraordinary place. Based on location, location, location, I’d put this down as a very gregarious and flamboyant bird.

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Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, London

Fulham Palace Road with it’s heavy urban traffic, crawling along in the car, ears protesting from the noise of heavy trucks grinding through the gears, in the summer a hot dusty street, pavement sticky and melting, somewhere I try to … Continue reading

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