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Way Outside the Ordinary

I hadn’t thought of myself as Goth girl but I am drawn to the potential theatre of Hallowe’en. There’s always the expectation of a performance and the annual diet of loud clichéd plastic skulls is disappointing. For spine chilling scary … Continue reading

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Slow Gin

Autumn has arrived, sweeping its’ cape of autumnal colours over the landscape.  Vivid yellows against the rich purple blue of dense slow motion clouds. This year, in the hedgerows there are unusually fat sloes tightly hanging onto their spiky branches, … Continue reading

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Celebrate Apples

When food was more seasonal and regional the arrival of the new apple season was a bit of an event to look forward to. The apple aficionado was expectantly telling us about a mixed box of apples he had ordered, … Continue reading

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The Homewood, Modernist Masterpiece

Suddenly autumn has arrived, the leaves are turning, now is the best time of year to visit Patrick Gwynne’s, The Homewood, set in a landscaped garden in Esher. Back in my teenage years I would have scoffed at a house … Continue reading

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Sensual Palate

Lured by a wine tasting that was billed as getting to know your senses I headed off to the Restaurant Show in the pursuit of what’s new and interesting. With my designer hat on my challenge is to find new … Continue reading

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Window dressing

I have a confession to make, dear reader, I must put my hand up to a dark vice, I have an incurable nerdy interest in people’s houses. Now, the evenings are getting dark earlier, as I walk along the street … Continue reading

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Little Tweaks for Big Shifts

Rediscovering the joys of working from bed I’ve got the feeling my bedroom needs refreshing. With brooding lavender walls and an antique glass chandelier I’m always conscious my boudoir could easily slide into the oblivion of girly frou frou, it … Continue reading

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Hurry, hurry while stocks last

It’s not often that an event will metaphorically deal a winding body blow to your solar plexus. But that’s exactly what happened to me in Gloucester Cathedral. No, I am not about to tell you about my spiritual awakening, rather … Continue reading

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Unpromising Beginnings

During these harvest weeks as I squirrel away home made jams and chutneys it seems ridiculous to think the long dark months of winter are waiting on our doorstep. Put the gloomy thoughts aside and while you can still get … Continue reading

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