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Exotic Sweet Perfumes

I’m lying on a sofa in the bay of a Victorian villa. The air is so thick and heavy you can saw a slice with a bread knife, the sound of police sirens, overhead planes, throbbing traffic tell me I … Continue reading

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Easy Ambrosial Elderflower Jelly

This time of year inspiring and uplifting, the hedgerows bursting with life and a wild froth of beautiful flowers. Capture the floral essence in a clear delicate jelly, break open a jar of jelly when your day needs brightening with … Continue reading

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The Plantation Garden, Norwich

The Plantation Garden in Norwich has to be the biggest best kept secret. Imagine it, a large Victorian formal garden in a gorge, slipped in behind a hotel on a road bordered with nineteenth century villas, you would never know … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Easy Car Booting

Nouveau pauvre and these warm weekends means there’s no excuse not to get  into waste not want not car booting. We are all know the stories that fortunes can be made car booting, it’s altogether safer to think of it … Continue reading

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Real Life Fantasy, Brighton Royal Pavilion

Brighton again, seems like I might be having a bit of a fling.  Too much to see and do, just not enough time to squeeze it all into one trip. Brighton Royal Pavilion is like a wild fairy tale, fantastical, … Continue reading

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Urban Landscape Wallpaper

Digital printing makes pretty much any surface decoration possible and I am serious when I tell Kieran his beautiful cloudscape and bird photos are ideal candidates for wallpaper. Always taking the Mick out of my designer pretentions he sent me … Continue reading

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East Beach Cafe, Littlehampton

With summer on the way, good, bad or very bad it deserves at least one trip to the beach. East Beach Cafe, catapults  Littlehampton  right to the top of the list of great locations. Sadly, I am one for eye … Continue reading

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Time to go Visit Some Artists’ Open Studios

Hooray!  The time for artists open studios has come around again. I love going to open studios, it’s a great way to see work by painters, ceramists, jewelers and printers  as well as meet the artists, all under one roof. … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Painless Decluttering

It’s been a long time coming but at last there’s a whole lot of decluttering going on in this house, here are five easy tips to help you declutter your space. Clutter is untidiness, things in the wrong place, things … Continue reading

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Burda Charlie Reusable Shopping Bag

Upcycling chic, and who’d dare accept a supermarket plastic bag for their shopping nowadays? I am always on the look out for inspiration for reusable bags to make from my fabric collection. The other day there I was, admiring a … Continue reading

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