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Fans, the Ultimate Eco Chic Accessory

Suddenly with energy prices soaring the wrist powered fan seems the ultimate eco statement. To be able to make great gusts of wonderful cool air so simply makes it feel like a crime to switch on an electric fan. I … Continue reading

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Windfall Apple Cake

So then it’s official it’s the start of the apple season, weeks early thanks to the weather. There are always loads of windfalls about screaming for a recipe using chopped apples. This is a favourite recipe for a cake that … Continue reading

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Grand Union Canal to the Rescue

Imagine it, with the new car at the garage and they say it’ll only be about an hour and a half, why not have a coffee and read of the paper in the cafe. Of course it will turn out … Continue reading

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This is Where the Magic Happens

Often well turned phrases have a way of cutting through everything. James Brown will help make magic happen where ever you decide to hang his linocut. Watch peoples faces break into a smile as they read this one.

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It’s All In The Fabric

I made a friend a bag for her birthday, I wanted to make something for work that didn’t look it was going to work. It’s large enough to gobble up a file and a laptop and still comfortable to carry. … Continue reading

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Colour Is Magic

Colour affects how people feel, it can work magic. We’ve all heard about blue being calming and contemplative, that’s not the full story, selecting colours isn’t instant. I’ve been asked when a colour brochre says the walls are painted a … Continue reading

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Lace Not Just For Old Ladies

Lace has had a poor press, it’s not just for old ladies and floaty nymphettes, suddenly it’s got tougher. Now we are loving it for it’s sculptural and architectural qualities. The rich lavish 3D qualities are often overlooked. It’s delicate mathematical … Continue reading

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Aaronson Noon Glass Studio Sale

Look down an ordinary London street lined with a regiment of Victorian terraced houses and wedged in at the end is one of my favourite places in London the Aaronson Noon Glass Studio. A place of rich imagery, industrial chimneys … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lot of Loving Going On

Chairing my own fan club, has responsibilities and recently there’s been a string of events to say thank you for. I am struck by how much love family and friends have put into special gifts for me. Somewhat humbled I’d … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Pyjamas

There was a time when I would have laughed in your face at the mention of sensible nightwear. Pahh, what would I want that for, Winceyette, the preserve of virgin nuns in cold stonewalled, monasteries. Though I do have some … Continue reading

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