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Modern Windsor Chair, Kicks the Competiton Into To Touch

You know how love at first sight can be so disappointing. Not so with debut design for the Modern Windsor Chair by Dave Green, designer maker of Warwickshire-based Sitting Firm Chairmakers, he’s come up with a winner. As I crossed … Continue reading

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My Goodness, Even Bookends Can be Stylish?

I found these amazing bookends from Goodwin and Goodwin which sort so many problems in one fell swoop. With their swooshy writing the best thing is they are entirely not the reserve of nerdy gadget freaks which bookends usually are. … Continue reading

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Patches, the New Cool?

A friend snorted crossly, as she pronounced, we are all so broke now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next trendy pass time to be rediscovered to amuse ourselves during the long cold winter evenings will be darning. I could … Continue reading

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Strawberry Hill House

A great chance to make a free visit to Strawberry Hill House this weekend with London Open House, a temple to all things gothic. For years visiting was elusive, the kind of place you could only book when there was a … Continue reading

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I’m Dreaming of a Carpet of Flowers

I’m dreaming of flowers, dancing in the wind, in sharp winter sunlight. Curled under the soil all winter, just at the point when the short dark days seem to be never ending, loudly they spring to life. Plant them now, so easy to … Continue reading

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Livening up Your Walls Couldn’t be Easier

Prints up on the walls are a great way to bring life to a space, I’m always on the look out for new images.  With a spate of weddings coming up, the print above, from S&T Prints, slid into a frame, … Continue reading

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La Rentree, A Little Something to Cushion the Blow

The summer holidays seem to go on forever, then suddenly the spell is broken and it’s time for everyone to go back to the mundane of everyday life. I am impressed that in France they have a word for it, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Hero

Please can I do a childs bedroom? Suddenly I am bubbling and fermenting with ideas. I really want to use some cushions I saw recently by Zeena Shah. Often when I’m designing a room I will have a hero item … Continue reading

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5 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Luscious Headboard

Make a stunning statement in your bedroom with a bespoke headboard. This is a stylish project, easy to complete over a weekend. You will need to order some things in advance but once you have the kit rounded up it … Continue reading

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