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Pork and Duck Rillettes

When I lived in the farmhouse on the windy Yorkshire hillside I had a recipe column in the local paper, which meant I was forever playing about with ideas, in my notebook by this one I wrote, utterly wonderful. At … Continue reading

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Christmas Table Setting

Looking at this design I feel a theme coming on. I love these juicy colours, a light reinterpretation of fairground circus. Borrow it for Christmas, the razzle of gold baroque lightened with clear zingy colours. Put the ideas together, inspiration … Continue reading

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An Unlikely Porn Star

Ok this is some cheese porn for all of you who want to indulge in a cheese fest but aren’t allowed to this Christmas. The ‘illegal’ soft cheese was scoffed too quickly to be digitally immmortalised, here are two beauties I … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree

In the end after all my protestations I secumbed to a fir tree for Christmas. Oh yes, the kids decorated it with their favourite  novelty decorations. Some are family heirlooms others I have gathered along the way, they all tell … Continue reading

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Christmas Mincemeat Slice

I’m a big fan of mince pies, looking  forward to them all year. This year I wanted something different, I didn’t want the typical pastry overload. So I came up with a lighter slice. The mincemeat layer under the almondy … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree

I am seriously wondering if I shall buy a Christmas tree this year? I started considering alternatives to the usual fir tree. Once you get to thinking there are lots of exciting possibilities.

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City of London Walk

These bright sunny winter weekend days are great for heading off to the City of London for a walk. During the week busy, fast and pacey, deserted at the weekend.  We went to the top floor of One New Change, … Continue reading

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Make do and Mend

For several years my glorious down jacket has been patched with gaffer tape, after the object of desire was snagged and torn on a barbed wire fence. Because of the relative slightness of the problem, the jackets’ luxurious warmth and … Continue reading

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How to Make a Perfect Day

If you asked me what my favorite restaurant is I’d say it’s The Black Rat Restaurant in Winchester. I know you’ve heard it from me before and no I am not a saddo, who never goes anywhere else, there lots of … Continue reading

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