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Montpellier Chapter Hotel, Cheltenham for Inspiration

Getting away just for the day or a weekend does wonders for the spirit. So when a friend invites me to inspect her new des res, like a shot I am there. The bissful chance to spend acres of time … Continue reading

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Inspired Wallpapers

A couple of years ago much to everyones relief we got round to decorating our hall and stairs. Painting it was something we had all waited a long time for. Often I’ll advise clients to hang wallpaper to act as … Continue reading

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Hazelnut Biscotti

It’s the end of the summer and my friend says, you know I want to move, I’ve wanted to for five years, I don’t know if I’ll ever find what I’m looking for. What’s holding you back, do you know … Continue reading

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Cutlery’s been something of a fascination for me. There’s a different tool for every job and so many designs to choose from. When I was a student, rummaging for cutlery in junk shops, I definitely knew whatever cutlery I had … Continue reading

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Special Day

Today is a special day in our house. The iced and candled birthday cake is under the cake dome waiting on the table. Special occasions bring magic to life, it’s great for someone to have a day for themselves. Looking at the … Continue reading

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Marmalade and Cranberry Cake

It’s the marmalade season, I like to use up any I have left over from last year. This recipe is so easy, the cake is moist and squidgy.  Bake in a cooler oven than normal to make sure it doesn’t … Continue reading

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When is White, White?

Where does the colour white begin and end? I can only say the descriptions are as infinite as those you use for white wine. The way we see white is influenced by light, texture, other colours nearby. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Thick Mushroom and Barley Soup

Out of the studio window, down the garden I can see a frost on the roofs of the houses, the sky is an intense bright blue, we’re in for a few cold days. That means a little bit of indulgence … Continue reading

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Skeletal Beauty

Even now when the world is dark, closed down, dead, there is incredible beauty in the haunting skeletal plant forms. A winter walk gains a whole new perspective, the excitement of looking out for this xray beauty. Now we can … Continue reading

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Use Light to Reinvent Space

Of course after the recent holiday break I’m in a wintery groove at the moment. Working on a project for a client I was wild for an intense oily petrol blue to paint the walls.When I wanted to achieve the feeling … Continue reading

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