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Blossom Days

A few days of sunshine and warmth and suddenly the bare twiggy winter trees burst into blossom, the dull days lit up with their bright froth.

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It’s All In The Detail

There’s no escaping the fact I have a deeply nerdy streak. But saying that lucky for me most of my friends share this trait! Imagine it, an excitedly anticipated reunion with great friends who have come down South for a … Continue reading

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Sour Dough Toast

Just getting to grips with the sour dough bread so lots of practising going on. I’m liking the rich and intense flavour of these thin toasty slices. I’ve been playing about to find the best way to cut thin slices. The bread … Continue reading

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With much stealth Dahalias have hit on me. I am smitten and I’m at a loss as to how it happened. I used to intentseley dislike the fleshiness of their blooms, but now at the end of a long summer when the sun … Continue reading

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Rockingham Rocker

When I was no more than a tiddler my favorite book was Harold and the Purple Crayon. A very simple and delightful story, this genius toddler has a purple crayon which he uses to draw a story around himself. I … Continue reading

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RHS Wisley Gardens

It’s not often you get the chance of having a really big eyeful of wildflower meadows. If you hurry on down to RHS Wisley Gardens there’s the chance to catch the most amazing performance of spring flowering going on.

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Making a Garden From Nothing

The title is rather an ambitious statement, give me a moment and I will explain. This time of year when you get back into the sunshine to survey the damage done to the garden during the winter it’s very easy … Continue reading

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Boatswain Lighting

On the look out for lighting which isn’t just a source of illumination but also a focal point. Yes, cross my heart and hope to die,  I would forgo any amount of stair carpet to cross this Drum Chandelier, at Boatswain … Continue reading

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Garden Birds

Each spring, round about the same time, I open my ears in the hope of hearing the call of the curlew. Their long burbling call rippling over the barren moorland landcape is no longer there, I forget I’m a townie … Continue reading

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Specimen Plants, Bringing the Outside In

I love to bring outdoors in with specimen plants from the garden. Pot up a plant and bring into the house. Bringing them up higher means you have the chance to see the detail close up as well as enjoy … Continue reading

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