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Plantation Shutters

There’s a big want for plantation shutters here in Kingston. It’s a popular densely packed residential area. High on the wish list for lots of people is to have the privacy to chill out in their front room without the … Continue reading

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South Kensingston Station

South Kensington Station, somewhere I often pass through, it always gives me enormous pleasure. I don’t think it’s purely the anticipation of going to the museums on an outing. It’s the detail that gets me. The imposing pillars, that make … Continue reading

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Basket Rehab

I rescued this basket from a skip, I always find it hard to resist digging in skips, hoping there may be something to rescue. With rehab in mind for this basket I’ve been meaning to put a lining in forever, … Continue reading

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Barnes Fair

Barnes is a London Thameside backwater where you could be forgiven for thinking you’d just passed Miss Marple on the way to feed the ducks at the village pond. A typical village pub cross the road from the green and … Continue reading

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Sydenham Arts Festival

Noiselessly emails appear in my inbox. Sometimes very, very tasty ones from talented artists like Trinia Dalziel, to tell me that she’s taking part in  the Sydenham Art Trail. Your chance to see what artists are up to catch it this … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam

Sadly strawberries are not always what they are hyped up to be and fail to deliver that quintessential English summer dose. Faced with below pa strawberries the other day that I wanted to jam I gently engaged the creaking brain. … Continue reading

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Radishes Are Beautiful

I love the way the intense crimson melts into the white, such beauty and the easiest salad veg in the world to grow. Swift growing exoctiness that takes no space in the garden. Choose from a rainbow of  beautiful colours … Continue reading

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