I’ll Always Love My Mama

Crunkly tissue paper flowers take me to another place

All too often other people know what’s best for you, they get you out of your comfort zone, to access another place. Yesterdays gift of tissue paper flowers from my daughter opened a new window, they gave me a reason to rethink still life groups. The lime green glass vessel by Michael Ruh is perfect to hold them. The  water colour by Denise Hoyle will be framed one day, for now I am happy for it to be in a group. The colours link with the antique flowery porcelain bowl from the house my great aunts lived in at Wells-Next-to-the-Sea.  Visiting them was like stepping back in time, a slice of Cranford. The house was full of delicious detail and wonderful moments, mixing east with west, they inspired me.

Yummy colours

The paper flowers started a new thread, thanks!

Love the colours on my mothers table, could be the start of a whole new story

And my mother? She had an anti Mothers Day lunch for all her friends.

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