4 Top Tips for Giving Guests a Great Stay

Get everything ready

I find it really exciting having friends to stay, I love the preparation. Weekends are precious and it’s a rare treat having extra time together. In our cash strapped times staying with friends gives you a frugal break from the mundane, seems a good time to start doing more of it.

Here are a few tips for organising things before your guest arrives, to give you a head start on a successful stay.

  1. With space at a premium if you are lucky enough to have a spare room it is probably used for activities other than sleeping, clear and tidy the room to make your guest feel welcome. Get a feel for the room and how it can be made better by lieing on the bed or better still spend a night in there. Make space for them to stash their things and if they are sharing your bathroom check there’s space in there as well. Hooks and hangers on the back of the door are great to ease pressure on wardrobes. Full length mirrors are a must for checking  before exit.
  2. Put out clean fluffy towels along with extra blankets, a dressing gown would be a luxury. Fresh flowers are a special welcome. A bedside lamp at the right height is a must for a good read before snuggling down for the night. Include tissues, a glass and  carafe of water, magazines with a stack of good reads. The details are your signature, a little tin of delicious biscuits would be a great midnight snack. I live opposite a church, the bells chime though the night, guests not used to the sound could be in for a very restless night, so I would include disposable ear stops.
  3. Take the time to plan the stay, find out what’s on, a special event, an exhibition or art fair, the farmers market, a walk. Include local good things that you might overlook because they are run of the mill to you. Plan meals out, if you are cooking get the shopping in ahead of time, cook and freeze some dishes so you can have a stress free weekend as well. Remember, keep it simple!
  4. After your guest has arrived give them a guided tour of your home, where tea and coffee are etc. All houses have idiosyncrasies’ explain any so your guest feels comfortable. Tell them about the plans you have made and begin having a great time.



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