Sew Creative!

Upcycle an old cardigan with embroidery and sew on new buttons

Sew creative, upcyling with fabric. Suddenly after years of being an unfashionable backwater there is a huge renaissance in home sewing. Two of my friends have taken me aside to confide about their newfound addiction that keeps them up half the night, one with dress making, the other embroidery. At last I have playmates to talk sewing, it’s so exciting.

With her keen eye for design my mother was able to lift clothing from the ordinary to the designer. She is always ready to change buttons, shorten a hem, remake a sleeve. The importance of detail, makes a less guilty affair of searching and squirreling away bits and bobs for projects from charity shops, jumble sales, auctions and fairs.

Time to make new from old

Party dresses she made, were always wonderful, one that stands out in my memory was cut from two printed adult needle cord skirts, the bell shaped sleeves lined with luxurious cerise pink silk were lush. When I lived in a remote rural location the fabric choice in the small local market town was limited. During a financially pinched period inspired by her upcycling example I made my daughter a beautiful printed wool pinafore out of a large sized ladies dress sourced from a charity shop for far less than a meter of fabric, the satisfaction of making something from nothing, unbeatable.

Detail of pug duster coat

Better still, get inspired online with all things sewing, I am really taken by these super talented bloggers What Katy did Next, Very Purple Person and the entirely amazing Male Pattern Boldness.

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