Burda Charlie Reusable Shopping Bag

Reversible bag, stylish and large enough for a whole day out, shopping, studying or going to the gym

Upcycling chic, and who’d dare accept a supermarket plastic bag for their shopping nowadays? I am always on the look out for inspiration for reusable bags to make from my fabric collection.

The other day there I was, admiring a girlfriends’ bag when she told me ‘it’s made from the Charlie bag pattern by Burda’. Always coming up with my own ideas and designs I replied, ‘but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a pattern for a bag’  and she told me where to  download it for free. It’s a great place to go and have a look and see the changes people have made to the basic design. Love the idea there’s a whole community around the world sewing their take on the reusable Charlie bag. Suddenly I am engulfed with a fuzzy, glowy  feeling of hippy deja vu and see a coke advert, circa 1971 coming on.

Couldn't resist upcycling this lush fabric from a retired duvet cover

Spoilt for choice with fabrics I decided the bag pattern was versatile enough to justify two bags, so made it reversible. When I saw the retro rosie fabric I knew just the person for it and combined it with a 70’s floral from my store, to spread a little love around, making a perfect reusable birthday present for the lady who has everything.

With so many delicious fabrics to choose from had to make it reversible to use this one as well

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