Five Tips for Painless Decluttering

Decluttering gives you space to see what's all around

It’s been a long time coming but at last there’s a whole lot of decluttering going on in this house, here are five easy tips to help you declutter your space.

Clutter is untidiness, things in the wrong place, things you no longer use or have fallen out of love with. People often think they need more storage when really a brutal decluttering will go a long way towards solving the problem.

  1. The clearing process can be daunting, often a reason not to get on with it. Imagine how you want the space to be, make a plan of the things that need doing and slice it up into a list of tasks. Tackle one job at a time ticking them off as you go along.
  2. Be brave, accept there will be a mess during the process. To keep your focus recruit a friend to help, they will be better at keeping a clear unemotional over view when decision making becomes over whelming. Sort into piles, to throw away, keep, car boot, charity and friends.
  3. Now’s your chance to have a good look at what you have. It’s great how a bit of reorganisation can make a space a better place, find new homes to store and display. The bonuses are measureable as well as humbling. I was surprised in one clearing that I rounded up a soap collection that would last at least a year!
  4. Dispose of all items ear marked for getting rid of immediately with a trip to the dump and the charity shop. Reward yourself by getting in anything you have ear marked to make the new space work better.
  5. Now sit back to enjoy the sense of a calm in your clutter free space and the magical feeling of release that comes from letting go of things that are no longer part of your life.
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