Urban Landscape Wallpaper

Sunset over Raynes Park

Digital printing makes pretty much any surface decoration possible and I am serious when I tell Kieran his beautiful cloudscape and bird photos are ideal candidates for wallpaper. Always taking the Mick out of my designer pretentions he sent me his urban photos of sunset over the sprawling suburbs with the question might they too be candidates for the  wallpaper treatment?

Mini Moderns Festival Wallpaper

I warbled on about it being glorious, marvelous, but sadly he’d already been beaten to urban sprawl wallpaper by Mini Moderns and Timorous Beasties. Far from the usual, Festival Wallpaper from Mini Moderns is a contemporary take on 50’s optimistic post war design. Timorous Beasties’ London from the Toile Collection is a tongue in cheek reinterpretation of the rural Arcadia in  traditional Toile de Jouey.  Both bring knowing steeliness to walls, I particularly fancy using them in a cafe, a break  the from retro florals.

Timorous Beasties, London from the Toile Collection

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