5 Tips for Easy Car Booting

Great for a rummage

Nouveau pauvre and these warm weekends means there’s no excuse not to get  into waste not want not car booting. We are all know the stories that fortunes can be made car booting, it’s altogether safer to think of it as a way of decluttering your life along with a great day out.

Car boot where you can find anything

  1. Anything goes at car boots, there are all the usual household goods, clothes, small pieces of furniture, most surprisingly my box of assorted old door knobs, lengths of wire, balls of string and utility shelf brackets was loved and after a morning of people dipping in everything was sold. Get a glow of satisfaction knowing that all those skip destined items have found a new life, perfect recycling.
  2. Essentials to take for car booting, a flask to make hot drinks, breakfast, change for a float, a papering table, a clothes rail, boxes and baskets for transport and display, bags and paper for purchases. Warm clothes, really important with an early morning start.
  3. Being a car boot virgin can be intimidating, when you arrive expect to be asked by dealers if you have jewelry, cosmetics or old mobiles. If you are not ready it’s ok to politely ask them to come back in a little while when you have set up.

    Get your lunch as well

  4. To make shopping easier arrange you stand attractively in categories. The joy of a car boot is the freedom to rootle and rummage, expect lots of tidying up and rearranging. When you have sold something circulate and reorganize your stock again.

    Great day out for all the family

    Expect the unexpected

  5. Towards the end of the time, think about if you want to take unsold things home or if it’s a worthwhile strategy cutting prices to sell off remaining items.

Back home bask in the newly created wide-open spaces.

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