Exotic Sweet Perfumes

For drifts of perfume through the house plant Trachelospermum jasminoides by the back door

I’m lying on a sofa in the bay of a Victorian villa. The air is so thick and heavy you can saw a slice with a bread knife, the sound of police sirens, overhead planes, throbbing traffic tell me I am in south London on a hot summer evening.

For a moment my senses stutter, dreamily lying there, I had believed reality was a wonderful, peaceful, calm, safe, place. I falter, how had my senses convinced me I was in a different place?

As I gather myself together, I notice the most wonderful intoxicating perfume. The heavy floral smell comes from the garden beyond the open French windows where the Trachelospermum jasminoides is flowering. It was the perfume of the flowers that told me the story that took me to that other place.

Philadelphus, so generous with it's perfume

Senses tricked by aromas, a powerful tool. If it gives wonderful experiences like that, I’m up for lots more!

Unexpected delights on the verge of the relentlessly noisy A3


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