Green Roof Heaven

A whole roof carpetted in greenery

Invitations like ‘come and see the green roof on my new bike shed,’ don’t leave me phased. Of course I went to look and I am insanely jealous of the bike shed, the rows of shiny bikes but mostly of the green roof! A patchwork landscape of tiny plants, scrambling across the stony surface. There are huge environmental benefits having a green roof, improved year round thermal insulation, noise reduction, and they are attractive. I love it, and better still bees and insects do too as it’s a natural habitat.

Flowers as well as stunning autumn colours

Green roof starting to happen

Would I be cynical if I said head offices of city banks have green roofs as a PR bid, perhaps they really do want to make a contribution towards a greener world, I welcome any move that lights the touch paper that leads to us think differently.

Green roof miniature world

So don’t wait to become as big as a world bank before you do it, start with a smaller project. Generous as ever my friend passed on details of Sedum Supply who have everything to make your green roof happen.

And you get flowers

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