Sourcing for Great Interiors

Searching for the right piece to bring an interior together

Interiors don’t just happen, it’s a process. After the groundwork of  design, sourcing is a major part of projects, now it’s time to bring the scheme together, find the colours that are right, wallpaper, fabrics, pictures and furniture, the thrill of the chase takes me to all sorts of places, an adventure, a voyage into the unknown.

Sourcing furniture to work in a space

Always on the look out, sourcing is my passion. Finding a piece, forgotten, stuffed into a corner, spotting it’s potential, having the team to restore, renovate, upcycle and adapt, to bring out it’s beauty, so it slips perfectly into the design.

The challenge of adapting to fit the space

Sourcing, finding the right thing for the space

Sourcing and having the know how so the new piece fits the scheme and is at home in the new space.

Lab stools that fit the kitchen

Make it unique and personal

Upcycle and curate your furniture

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