Getting in the Flow

It say's it all

For a couple of months I’ve been keeping a secret, there’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, now feels the right time to tell you about my self indulgent treat, I’ve taken up embroidery.

Like a worm it’s been eating away for years, lots of stalling points, no time, no equipment, no knowledge of techniques, no kits that turned me on. The fear might have been started by my childhood surrounded by my parents’ collection of antique samplers, immaculately cross stitched by five year olds.

I’m not taught, I have no problem whether I am doing it right or not, I am following in the style of the sailors who sewed wool pictures. In the middle of the sea, on their long voyages, a million miles from home, they used what was to hand to sew wonderful seascapes and landscapes. No rules or patterns to follow, bish bosh, no fear, they got on with creating robust, lively, freestyle images of familiar subjects.

For years l have been lured by the beautiful colours of embroidery silks, sometimes I was even tempted to buy, now’s the time to dip into the collection. In the spirit of the sailors I let rip as I design and stitch making small portable projects for when I travel.

I love the calm of quietly sewing, the pure joy of being in the creative moment, getting in the flow.

Easy once you take the plunge

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