Make do and Mend

Make do and mend patches

For several years my glorious down jacket has been patched with gaffer tape, after the object of desire was snagged and torn on a barbed wire fence. Because of the relative slightness of the problem, the jackets’ luxurious warmth and lightness, it seemed such a waste to throw it out. With my make do and mend hat on I entered the usual obsessional phase, hunting for the perfect repair fabric, nothing answered, hence the temporary repair with gaffer tape. Recently I noticed the tape was failing and it was crunch time I needed to find a solution.

To repair the rip, I embroidered a patch. I measured up for the best patch size, marked the design out on calico then began stitching and filling in with coloured silks. To finish off and give a firm shape, the border is framed with blanket stitch. The position it’s sewn on the jacket on the hem, over the rip is random, quirky even. When I am bored with it, I can make another to replace it. I am rather fancying something abstract, that’s another project, I’ve got lots to keep me busy now.

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