Oh Christmas Tree

Collect tree decorations over the years

In the end after all my protestations I secumbed to a fir tree for Christmas. Oh yes, the kids decorated it with their favourite  novelty decorations.

Reminds me of the house on the lonely Yorkshire hillside

Some are family heirlooms others I have gathered along the way, they all tell a story of Christmases past, I know Christmases future will be added to the mix.

Simple designs

Each year it's exciting seeing them back again

My favourite, the kids safe and sound with me, off on an adventure


And the candles were put on as well! Friends have muttered about how lacking in responsibility I am, putting a tree together with live flame. Having been brought up in a wooden house with oil lamps I am used to these dangerous hazards and feel pretty gung ho about it. Always take sensible precautions, never leave them burning unattended.

Candles glow

The final explosive flourish is added

Happy Christmas!

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