Got the Atrium, Now How on Earth do You Fill it?

Traditional waterfall chandelier

So you’ve got the soaring atrium, a single pendant light bulb forlornly dangles down. What on earth do you put in such a show offy space? Now that’s my kind of problem.

Keeping an eye on scale is key here, and the choice of domestic lights large enough to fill this kind of space is limited. I saw this gorgeous antique waterfall chandelier, a knockout feature filling its’ space magnificently, but though I have an intense crush on it I know it will far exceed the alloted budget.

Contemporary sparkly bauble

This contemporary, sparkly, bauble is large enough to fill the domestic space well and it would come in on budget.


But it doesn’t have to be all sparkle, a Modernist approach would be equally punchy in the space.Of the moment


I am liking this of the moment ceramic collection as well. And that’s not all, so much choice, makes your head spin!

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