The New Must Have Bar Stool

Avon bar stool

One of the great things about designing interiors is that I get to keep abreast of what’s out there on the market. Being a bit of a foodie as well as a sometime pop up restauranteuse, kitchen design is a particular passion. I am a pragmatist, my chosen kitchen style is from the school of Elizabeth David, domestic kitchens are for living and working in, the beauty, as well as intrinsic is about being robust and functional.

Avon seat

My latest find is this delicious bar stool, The Avon by Sitting Firm. With heaps of style, the pleasing design is about contrasts, the beautiful intense woodyness of the functional shape combined with the hard edges of the steel footrest. And low and behold, it’s comfortable as well.  A seat worthy of heirloom status.

Avon, wood combined with steel

Good looks coupled with comfort wins this seat pole position on my must have wish list.

Avon bar stool

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