The Artist, A Tender Romance

The Artist

I don’t think I will be the first or last to say if you haven’t been to see the French director Michel Hazanavicinus’s film The Artist yet, make sure you do as soon as possible. A remarkable black and white silent movie with loads of old fashioned feel good factor.

The Artist, George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin with Peppy Miller played by Berenice Bejo

Picture it our debonair hero, George Valentin, handsome, amusing and engaging at the pinnacle of his silent movie career. On the night of the premier of his new film his life collides with Peppy Miller, a gamin star struck hoofer. Its the late 20’s, the start of the talkies, the story charts his fall from popularity against her rise.

Pinch myself and I would swear there was a full script and it was in technicolour, but that’s the cleverness and of the trickery of our senses, the evidence is there, yes it was a silent black and white movie and it has everything and more. The dialogue is via facial expressions and exaggerated acting and as well as a magical music score by Ludovic Bourse throughout the film. So get there before it goes and witness a very proper and tender romance.

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