Time For Some Seed Propagating

Had to find a use for the red string

You should have heard me winge over the last few days, I want to start some veg seeds but don’t want a litter of unattractive plastic propagators cluttering the kitchen table, a typical interior designers dilemma! A bit of Blue Peter ingenuity and hey presto the lady has sorted a tasteful solution using, only old newspaper, string and a glass dome. It’s an easy process making a pot and it only takes a few Christmas present wrapping skills. To make your recycled newspaper pot first find a form the diameter you want your pots to be. I am very partial to this one from Harrod Horticultural, a straight sided drinking glass is an ideal money saving solution. The glass jar that came packed with anchovies is perfect for small pots, over at Higgledy Garden Cut Flower Boutique for larger pots they like to use a wine bottle.

A flower of newspaper pots

Cut a double strip of newspaper a little wider than the depth you want your pot. Then place the form on the paper strip, with the paper just overlapping at the end. Start to roll paper around the form, as you go fold the overlapping strip of paper in  to make the pot base. Still on the form, stand paper pot on its base, press down on the form and twist to further crease the paper at the base of the pot so it can stand up. Slip your new pot off the form ready to fill with potting compost. To help the pots stand firm, after I filled them with compost I tied them in a bundle with delicious red string.

Now I will fiddle about making more homes for seeds with different sized recycled paper pots. The cake ousted from under the dome might get stale or perhaps we’ll just have to eat it more quickly, on the scale of things not much of a problem.

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6 Responses to Time For Some Seed Propagating

  1. Beautiful. That’s really all there is to say, quite beautiful and just the sort of thing I need to see on a cold snowy morning. The promise of harvest in the sun 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    We love these! They look like cute little cakes all wrapped up and under the glass dome

  3. helen morris says:

    This is such a nice idea. Thank you. Perfect to start my sweetpeas. I have a glass dome and cake stand from IKEA which I will experiment with whilst I wait for my tall bell jar to arrive. I have the same red string!

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