Notes From a Swedish Kitchen

Notes from a Swedish Kitchen by Margareta Schildt-Landgren

As well as the bigger picture my work is about the detail which includes entertaining all the senses. I’m always on the look out for inspiration to help me engage the senses. Cooking is one way so I was delighted when my Swedish friends gave me Marguareta Schildt-Landgrens book, Notes From a Swedish Kitchen.

Allemanstratt, Swedish cultural heritage

As well as being a record of typically Swedish food it’s about Swedish culture. She talks about their way of life and cultural heritage and I was really lit up by her description of Allemanstratt. This is the right of access to private land, it’s designed to prevent people from fencing off property stopping others from enjoying it. Thanks to this the Swedish foraging culture is thriving. It’s a cosy read, almost a bedtime story with lots of family stories around Swedish tradition.

Cinnamon buns

Her writing’s not one bit precious, she’s very enabling, the recipes make you want to have a go, they are simple like sour dough bread and homemade pickles from home grown produce. It’s great to read about the domestic aspect of life still being very much part of the natural rhythm of the contemporary world, something we forgot to value and all but lost.

Pickled cucumbers with dill

Barbecue smoked salmon

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