Basket Rehab

Rescued basket

I rescued this basket from a skip, I always find it hard to resist digging in skips, hoping there may be something to rescue. With rehab in mind for this basket I’ve been meaning to put a lining in forever, a while a go I  found the perfect string for repair where the layers had separated. Finally after tripping over the string on every journey up and down the stairs string and basket were united when I stitched it up. And there in the cupboard in my fabric stash I discovered just the fabric I had been looking for. I love the bright kitsch colours, the clumsy design has completely charmed me.

The layers have come apart and need repairing with a few stiches

String and a large needle for repairing

I cant give precise directions for lining the basket as it is unsymetrical as well as saggy. A job easily done, only taking patient jiffling and coaxing of fabric to make it work. The stiching is not beautiful, the satisfaction is seeing the job done. Now I’m ready to load it up for a picnic, hurry up sun.

Job done, ready for a picnic


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  1. This is so lovely and perfect for summer picnics and the like

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