South Kensingston Station

Lots of pillars at South Ken Station

South Kensington Station, somewhere I often pass through, it always gives me enormous pleasure. I don’t think it’s purely the anticipation of going to the museums on an outing. It’s the detail that gets me. The imposing pillars, that make it seem like place where important business goes on. The glass vaulted arcade that links two streets together.

Glass vaulted arcade of shops

The wrought iron  grills telling us where we are.

More detail in the wrought iron

The back’s just as beautiful

The graceful  swan neck lights though utility the sweep of the arm is so graceful. I even like the dense bulls blood red of the architectural tiles that enrust part of the exterior. As you hurry through the station stop a while to take in the detail.

Bulls blood tiles

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  1. Oh memories of my youth. Coffee in the French cafe in Bute Street, cool beers in the Zetland Arms and the lovely Polish restaurant just of Thurloe Square.

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