Where Did You Go on Holiday?

Flat Iron Building?

Where did you go on holiday, oooh is that the Flat Iron Building, did you go to New York?

Well no actually, I went to


Margate on a day trip to visit the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

Turner Contemporary Margate

It’s an impressive space, huge picture window views out to sea. The exhibition reacquainted me with the Rodin drawings I first saw as a teenager in Paris.

Georgian terraces

The town has Georgian terraces scattered with gingerbread houses.

Ancient half timbered

Ancient half timbered houses juxtaposed with comtemporaray.

Margate town square

A town of faded glory which has not been sanitised to the core by the developers.

Thanet Times

There’s still space for the creatives, unique and eccentric.

The Mad Hatter

Certainly unscrubbed enough to have a Primark on the sea front.

Grotto Hill

I could tell you about the grotto alluded to on this street sign by a crocheted wall, but that can wait for another day.

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