Making Christmas Traditions

A bowl for the nuts

Christmas brings a shift in the house, tidying up, putting up the decorations, making ready for the celebrations, an audit of where I am. Time to welcome back old familiar traditions and there’s space for new as well, it’s fun.

Now stained inside it tells a story

Arranging the table, it’s taxing remembering according to my traditions what goes where. The nuts, what shall I put them in? At my parents Christmas they put them in a bowl I made, a mosaic of motifs taken from my lino cuts, snipped and papermached into a paper bowl. With the traditions memories are stirred up, the house high on a windy Yorkshire hillside, I am the same and ready for new.

The house high on the windy Yorkshire hillside

in a field of beautiful flowers

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  1. What a beautiful bowl, even without the memories attached I would love to have that on my Christmas table.


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