Margaret Howell Supporting British Manufacturing

Margaret Howell 2013 Calender

How timely to start the new year hanging up the Margaret Howell calendar for 2013. Each month is a meditation on a traditional British clothing manufacturer. Though it highlights clothing that’s been around a while, traditional doesn’t mean stuck in the mud. With the expectation of a lifetime of use, every detail designed with a reason, it’s there for reinvention. Even in our ephemeral world, honest utility design is currently big helped along by the vintage trend.

Harris Tweed out of the land

The beauty of simple functional design

Horn buttons, a wide range of colours

It’s also a celebration of the enduring beauty of natural materials, the color variations found in horn buttons, the warm softness of Harris tweed with it’s incredible natural colours, merino wool for fineness and drape, cool crunchy cotton, leather and mother of pearl buttons.

Enduring design

Soft wool

Magaret Howell gives us a very British celebration.

Be proud of what we’ve got

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