I Win The Golden Ticket, A Master Class at Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates

My prize for winning the Rococo Chocolates competition for bloggers, Let’s Make Christmas with my bay and coriander truffles was the chance of having a chocolate master class with resident ‘Prof du Choc’ Barry Johnson. I felt like I’d won the Golden Ticket.

Barry Johnson at Rococo Chocolates

Though I’ve been busy chocolate making for several years the excitement of a chocolate master class with the best is a dream come true. I want to run and trip and skip, so much to learn, I want to know it all. I am happy creating flavours to make a picture in my head, there’s lots more to master to make my chocolates better, to make moments that explode in your mouth to unfold an adventure. Winning the chance to learn with the best, I upgraded my half day prize to a full day, so I could learn the skills of making luxurious smooth ganache and the tempered crack of chocolate to make incredible, edible magic.

Chocolate tasting

Rococo’s, Barry, calmly took control and showed us a window into another world. As we sampled truffles he taught us about different chocolates, the importance of terroir, choosing the right chocolate to balance with flavours, the aromas and textures of the world of truffles. Tempering, like making mayonnaise, follow the strict rules, it works. Temperature and humidity sensitive, chocolate is about patient alchemy, it’s instinctive.

Tempering melted, warm chocolate on marble

Filling molds with tempered chocolate

Stirring the ganache

I was not disappointed with my day, it was a wonderful experience learning from a world class team and having the company of the other members of the master class who had a shared passion and incredible knowledge of food. One member of our group had built his own tandoor oven in his garden, hardly everyday stuff, you have to travel far for such a topic of conversation.

Too beautiful to eat!

A chocolate Staffordshire cat, something else I might not be able to bring myself to eat

And after making and eating a heap of chocolate truffles, wafers and fish, when we left there was a goody bag full of chocolate ready to be made into new creations. Thank you team Rococo for making me so welcome, my prize was generous, I feel very lucky to have spent a day with the best, I will treasure it forever.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    What a lovely day. I remember your face when you won .. you could have knocked you over with a feather! Well done. xxx

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