Finishing Touches

Pearly snow flakes

Finishing touches, can make or break a creation, I have always had a passion for mother of pearl buttons, a Pearly Queen at heart. As I grew through childhood my mother moved the buttons from one dress to the next, they were like a constant familiar friend. I loved their natural imperfections with their iridescent shell colours, each a slightly different hue.

Different size shape color and designs

Some buttons very simple, others with their design detail talk of the variety of tools that were used to carve them to make them dance with gem like brilliance in the light.

Stars, snowflakes, flowers, all individual

In their tumbling sparkling jumble they are like stars and snowflakes.

Miniature detail

And in their detail we see the imperfections of the human hand.

They all have a story

They all have their story to tell, from hidden shellfish deep in murky brine to singing in the sunlight with their pale iridescent colours, they will travel with me for a short while.

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  1. Worktops guy says:

    The pearly sheen on all those buttons is absolutely gorgeous!

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