Industrial Chic is Now

Great patina at Anthropologie

Anything that has had the remotest wiff off an oily rag is spot on trend now.

No problem with the paintwork getting scratched

I have always had a soft spot for recycled furniture and industrial pieces just get better with use. It’s about honesty and integrity, there’s a simple beauty in things that are designed to deliver and do it. Straight talking, no frills, simple, robust.

Designed to be sat on all day

The round of trade shows has just finished and there were some plausible reproduction cast metal industrial pieces. What I couldn’t get my head around were pieces that were crafted, painted and distressed to look like the real greasy McCoy but made of MDF.

A whole new life awaits

Sourcing is an adventure, more of a serendipitous experience than shopping in chain stores, be brave, measure up and get exploring. For inspiration take a look at Anthropologie, Trainspotters but dont forget about your local antiques markets and of course there are skips, ask if it’s OK before taking things out.

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