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Sourdough School

Bread making has always been part of my life, my first solo attempt must have been when I was nineish. I baked with stone ground flour from the local mill, a black painted clapboard windmill that stood on the flat … Continue reading

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London Creativity and Wellbeing Week

Having spent impossibly long hours staring at blank walls in hospitals with a friend waiting for his appointments with doctors, craving distraction from where we were I couldn’t miss out on going along to a couple of events celebrating London … Continue reading

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British Flower Week

In the fresh sunlight, with gardens and kerbsides bursting into ebulient flower, this has always been my favourite time of year. I want to capture some of this vitality and bring this outside gorgeousness into my home, that means vases … Continue reading

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Making Home, Home

There’s  been a whole lot of shuffling around and reorganising going on at home, much tweaking of the interior and finally with lots of cushion cover making it’s all just so. But jiggling around with the visuals only goes partway to … Continue reading

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Flowers Even in the Depths of Winter

A cold winter day, bare branches, monochrome landscape, the world is dead. As I walked along the blanket of grey was pierced by an intense floral fragrance. Where was it coming from? I looked around, nothing,  then up,  there,  bare … Continue reading

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Margaret Howell Supporting British Manufacturing

How timely to start the new year hanging up the Margaret Howell calendar for 2013. Each month is a meditation on a traditional British clothing manufacturer. Though it highlights clothing that’s been around a while, traditional doesn’t mean stuck in the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year to You All, It’s Going to be a Good

I’m feeling a little nervous about the New Year there’s a need to make changes, some tough challenges lie ahead. I wrap myself in the warm glowing bubble of Christmas Love and float through that door to the world of … Continue reading

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Award Winning Truffles at Rococo Chocolates!

We went through to the kitchen for the chocolate demonstration, leaving the long table in the warehouse covered in an excitement of homemade chocolate offerings. The demonstration was technical with so many helpful tips, in the presence of this great … Continue reading

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Bay Truffles at Rococo Chocolates

With its sweet shop associations it’s easy to think chocolate’s only there for a quick sugar hit. But there’s much more to it than that, I’m only starting to scratch the surface of understanding the complexities of chocolate. I want … Continue reading

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Boutique Choclatier Rococo Hosts Let’s Make Christmas Gift Swap 2012

Who’s up for a chocolate challenge asks Vanessa Kimbell over at Goddess on a Budget. The event is inspired by the new book Mastering the Art of Chocolate by Chantal Coady, chocolate pioneer and alchemist at Rococo Chocolates. I wonder … Continue reading

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