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Pumpkin Soup

With all that pumpkin hollowing going on over the next week this is a great way to use up the flesh or then again squash is just as good. The soup is warming and spicey, easy to put together, just … Continue reading

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La Rentree, A Little Something to Cushion the Blow

The summer holidays seem to go on forever, then suddenly the spell is broken and it’s time for everyone to go back to the mundane of everyday life. I am impressed that in France they have a word for it, … Continue reading

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Blackberry Ice Cream

Have you noticed all the blackberries in the hedges just now, I thought that’s too good to miss, so I dug out this great little recipe for making delicious fruity fool ice cream. The best thing, along with using foraged … Continue reading

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Syllabub is such an English tradition, started way back, long before refrigeration days, when social one upmanship was derigeur, serving it was a subtle way of making people aware of your estate ice house. I used to  make syllabub with a … Continue reading

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Windfall Apple Cake

So then it’s official it’s the start of the apple season, weeks early thanks to the weather. There are always loads of windfalls about screaming for a recipe using chopped apples. This is a favourite recipe for a cake that … Continue reading

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Viva the WI

My applicationfor the WI in my Yorkshire village was  rejected on the grounds I wouldn’t fit in, that was round about the time the Calendar Girls of Rylstone WI had broken cover in more ways than one and women like … Continue reading

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Scones, Utter Joy, So Easy

It struck me that being the summer, a whole lot of celebrating needs to be done, this is the time of year when outside the world has become big, greedy and generous, with long, balmy, bright days. So this weekend, … Continue reading

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Easy Ambrosial Elderflower Jelly

This time of year inspiring and uplifting, the hedgerows bursting with life and a wild froth of beautiful flowers. Capture the floral essence in a clear delicate jelly, break open a jar of jelly when your day needs brightening with … Continue reading

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Make Mothers Day

My goodness, mothers we take them for granted. I hope my mother knows I love her. I take a moment to stop the world and put something together to remind her how special she is to me. Here’s my make … Continue reading

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Take a Walk on The Wild Side

Allotment free it’s easy to get down to guiltless supermarket shopping for a plastic pouch of immaculately trimmed greenery. But I still have the urge to get out there into the spring sunshine to see what’s growing. I am into … Continue reading

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