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Greenhouse Lust

Greenhouse lust has taken hold here. Until a few days ago we were taken over by seedlings. Sadly they were left out over night and the slugs and snails took full advantage of the gastronomic delights laid out for them. … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, London

Fulham Palace Road with it’s heavy urban traffic, crawling along in the car, ears protesting from the noise of heavy trucks grinding through the gears, in the summer a hot dusty street, pavement sticky and melting, somewhere I try to … Continue reading

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Making an Entrance

The other night we talked about the sense of arrival at hotels and how the entrance is so important to the whole experience. It got me thinking about our homes and how it a little thought makes a great impression. … Continue reading

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Welcoming Wildlife into the Garden

Yes out in the garden again, I promise interiors porn next week. You see environment has an impact on how we feel, in every aspect of our lives, that’s why as an interior designer I talk beyond interiors. I am … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Club

This years veg planting was about giving my fantasy garden at least a starting chance and actually sewing and growing the seeds I’ve bought over the past couple of years. As well as the seed packets that have tempted me with their pretty pictures, … Continue reading

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Time For Some Seed Propagating

You should have heard me winge over the last few days, I want to start some veg seeds but don’t want a litter of unattractive plastic propagators cluttering the kitchen table, a typical interior designers dilemma! A bit of Blue … Continue reading

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Blossom Days

A few days of sunshine and warmth and suddenly the bare twiggy winter trees burst into blossom, the dull days lit up with their bright froth.

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With much stealth Dahalias have hit on me. I am smitten and I’m at a loss as to how it happened. I used to intentseley dislike the fleshiness of their blooms, but now at the end of a long summer when the sun … Continue reading

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RHS Wisley Gardens

It’s not often you get the chance of having a really big eyeful of wildflower meadows. If you hurry on down to RHS Wisley Gardens there’s the chance to catch the most amazing performance of spring flowering going on.

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Making a Garden From Nothing

The title is rather an ambitious statement, give me a moment and I will explain. This time of year when you get back into the sunshine to survey the damage done to the garden during the winter it’s very easy … Continue reading

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