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Mood Food

Chocolate, always a favourite for a quick pick me up. Calorie free music can be an even speedier route to change your mood. If I want a bit of a giggle I think of a song that I share with … Continue reading

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All Present and Correct

Giving presents isn’t only about the recipients’ pleasure, don’t underestimate the kick the giver gets from the action of generosity. Surrounded by a serendipitous assortment of presents my imagination was stretched to decide how on earth this group could be … Continue reading

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Springtime Blossoming

Just a quickie, it’s all about what’s happening out there in natural world right now. Last week the pussy willows were just stirring as their plump fleecy bodies popped out of their carapace shells. Their silver rabbit furriness contrasting with … Continue reading

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Bright Florals Burst Out Allover

A rash of blousy English Cottage garden florals has broken out. Take inspiration from these juicy colours,  pink and floral doesn’t have to slide into the Mills and Boon land of Barbara Cartland, it’s a great foil for tough stripes and exuberant … Continue reading

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They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Suddenly I see yellow all around. Could be it’s the only colour bold enough to sing above the muffling grey dricht. I have memories in the New Orleans’s French Quarter of yellow olive  oil amphora from the South of France … Continue reading

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Aromas in Healing Environments

When I walked into my mothers’ orangery I was wrapped by a sense of euphoria. Though it’s a lean to conservatory with arched Georgian windows that’s not too grand a name for it, this is where her lemon tree is … Continue reading

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SAD Café

Winter can seem endless, the prospect of spring a long way off. I heard that in Scandinavia in the winter they have SAD cafes where you can bask under daylight lamps to boost your mood. A clever friend announced she … Continue reading

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Black and White is Good with Pink

My love for black and white grew out of all things printed, letterpress, engravings, lino cuts, it continues and evolves. Right now am liking the combination of bold confident graphic stripes with uber rosy feminine pink. It works like sweet and sour, the … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air

Valentines day, overrated, commercialised? Even if love isn’t in the air I like to make it a special day in our house, a feast for the senses. It’s a chance to show love and appreciation, I’m not saying avoid the … Continue reading

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Snowdrop Carpet

How wonderful to see a river of pearly white snowdrops on these murky drizzley days of low light levels, a slash of white across the damp drear. I have never seen so many thickly crowded in a woody clearing. The … Continue reading

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