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Great Places For Unique Gifts

Coming up with something original for the nearest and dearest every Christmas can be taxing and slipping into buying them the hardware of life like socks, can sadly become the easiest option. So I got thinking along the lines of … Continue reading

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Too Late to Turn Back, and There’s Something Even Better to Do!

Cambridge for the day and plans to meet are postponed with a text, too late to turn back. I couldn’t have wished for more, my excuse to cut class and spend some time in Kettle’s Yard. Unique, hard to describe, not completely … Continue reading

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Getting in the Flow

For a couple of months I’ve been keeping a secret, there’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, now feels the right time to tell you about my self indulgent treat, I’ve taken up embroidery. Like a … Continue reading

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Nomad, Sibella Court

I’m so excited, Nomad by interior stylist Sibella Court has just arrived. It’s a glorious scrapbook, about creating interiors inspired by travels. I’m blown away by wonderful eclectic pics of interiors, colour, texture styled by Sibella Court. Enough to shake your senses awake and … Continue reading

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Reve, Richmond Pop Up Shop

Val Wolstenholme Clays’,  Reve is hosting an event in Richmond. A pop up shop that will run for four weeks up to Christmas. Designer Val has a really great eye, over the last couple of months she’s been busy sourcing, … Continue reading

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Wuthering Heights

Loads of differing opinions about Andrea Arnolds Wuthering Heights. Having lived in a lonely remote farmhouse on a hillside the next valley along from Wuthering Heights, I’ve got to tell you the film gives a gritty, true image of the … Continue reading

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Are Cupcakes as Addictive as Cocaine?

With fascination I read a piece of research about addiction and the writer was asking could cupcakes be as adductive as cocaine? Yes sure we can all be guilty of piling in the sugar, too much alcohol, in our loose … Continue reading

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Nasturtium Flowers not just for Gardens

Nasturtiums I just love them, easy to grow bring bright flashes of colour to the garden. They are happy running wild filling a space, along the ground or scrambling up anything in their path. Great to add both flowers and leaves to … Continue reading

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Autumn’s Really Letting Rip Now

Suddenly the intense autumn colours have started. Their brightness cuts through the low gloomy light, they are startling and unreal, magical even. The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park has come alive with a palette of hot, fiery colour. The gardeners, … Continue reading

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