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Penny Lick Ice Cream

When I was a kid, there were some stompy glasses with a very shallow cup which dated from the nineteen century sitting on my grandmothers dining room shelves. She explained they were from the time when ice cream was a frantically exotic treat … Continue reading

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Making an Entrance

The other night we talked about the sense of arrival at hotels and how the entrance is so important to the whole experience. It got me thinking about our homes and how it a little thought makes a great impression. … Continue reading

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Parsnip Cake

There I was foraging wild food last week and I’m at it again now, this time it’s closer to home, actually in the fridge. It’s the one in the utility room which is often neglected and has needed a bit … Continue reading

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Tigermoth Lighting

I am sourcing a chandelier for a client project. The scheme is simple but elegant to emphasise the underplayed luxury. It’s about quiet peaceful design. These chandeliers from Tigermoth Lighting have a timeless unfussy beauty that would happily sit in … Continue reading

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Welcoming Wildlife into the Garden

Yes out in the garden again, I promise interiors porn next week. You see environment has an impact on how we feel, in every aspect of our lives, that’s why as an interior designer I talk beyond interiors. I am … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Club

This years veg planting was about giving my fantasy garden at least a starting chance and actually sewing and growing the seeds I’ve bought over the past couple of years. As well as the seed packets that have tempted me with their pretty pictures, … Continue reading

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British Bloggers in Support of British Flowers

Having fresh flowers in the house is really important for me but recently I noticed more and more that our flowers are coming from abroad. I got to thinking if we are now conscious of the air miles our vegetables make before hitting … Continue reading

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Mini Moderns, Hold Tight

As something of a hoarder of paper ephemera I have often been open to intense ridicule. Imagine my mixed feelings of jubilation and justification when I saw this wallpaper ‘Hold Tight’ by Mini Moderns from their ‘Day-tripper’ collection. The poorly … Continue reading

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Selina Lake, Homespun Style

Selina Lake, Homespun Style a beautiful book of inspiration to drop in and out of. Not the usual take on interiors. She takes your hand and shows you how to develop your own modern personal style, using crafts, vintage and … Continue reading

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Easter Chicks

Yes I’m still at home loving the domesticity of the Easter break. When I was a kid, there used to be foil wrapped Easter eggs under this hen, hidden by the Easter Bunny, oh the excitement and anticipation. These cakes, … Continue reading

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