Elegance on a Shoestring, at last it’s arrived

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When a friend said, ‘you’re brilliant at living on a shoestring, you’ll be OK during this period of austerity’, I wondered, is she trying to tell me something? Taking the comment at face value, I decided to rise to the challenge so ‘Elegance on a Shoestring’ was born.

During my childhood the phrase ‘making the most of what you have’ was planted in my head and now it runs, threadlike, through every day. At best it’s inspired me to be inventive, not always successful, but nearly always fun. As an interior designer, a maker and doer, inspiration is the oxygen for creative life. It comes from down to earth, real and accessible stuff- from reading, an unmapped journey, cooking, sewing, films that transport you to another place. I never know what will stick or where it will lead. A serendipitous adventure, worth it for that ‘can’t buy’ feeling of satisfaction you get from discovering or creating something new.

Rationed eked out post war scrimping and stretching has nothing to do with ‘Elegance on a Shoestring’. It’s about revelling in simple joys, bringing balance to life, making time for doing or just being serene, capturing the essence of the moment like sipping mint tea made from fresh picked leaves.

So there you have it, the broad brushstrokes of the idea, let’s see how it unfolds…

So elegant

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2 Responses to Elegance on a Shoestring, at last it’s arrived

  1. We’ve been living,carefully balanced on this shoe string, since we left England some 10 years ago and it makes us very happy.Serenity is a good place to be, when it happens, and it happens a lot more here than it did before.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Roger, I enjoy your blog, sounds like your life is very full, I enjoy your reflections.

      I’ve found this way of being has brought me through all sorts of things. A friend checking up on me recently said where I am is called Mindfulness, apparently lots of people want it but don’t have it!

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