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Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix

I love getting readers responses to my blog, give me a try, here’s a recent one. ‘I’m desperate to update my flat. Where can I find a wall of flowers and a stripy rug? When I was at the hairdressers flicking through a magazine I saw this picture, slightly more expensive than expected but still beautiful.’

So you want a look that delivers all that style at a fraction of the cost, join the club! The herbaceous border with overblown roses so perfectly reflects our nostalgia for all things vintage. Florals come around again and again, the interpretation of the moment is about being feminine, sassy, independent and creative. To bring it bang up to date the trick is to source a design that reflects the current colour trends, pastels with brights, pink, turquoise, green, ultramarine, with slashes of red combined with a strong black and white graphicy feel.

Pivoine florals

Am loving this rose floral design from Elanbach, everything is printed to order, so it’s easy to change the scale or colour in a design and create a unique bespoke fabric or wallpaper, guaranteed to fit in with your design scheme. Replace existing colours using the specifier, for a small fee a sample is produced, on approval the design is printed to order with a small additional charge on fabric or wallpaper on top of usual selling price. Elanbach Pivoine 3 has the flowers in the perfect colour and for the background choose a 60’s pastel swimming pool blue and scale up the design. To set the mood, use your bespoke design for wallpaper or fabric to make a floral bank of curtains.

All these colours to choose from, click on image to enlarge

But your budget is limited. To keep the original painterly essence you like, use bespoke floral fabric to make a large statement piece of artwork. Order a couple of meters of bespoke fabric and cover an artist canvas, neatly stapling the fabric to the back of the frame. Paint the walls and woodwork in your chosen swimming pool colour.

To up the graphic quality go for a black and white stripey rug from Ikea. Use the remaining bespoke floral fabric to make a couple of cushions. Along with them on a red sofa pile a jumble of this seasons’ acid colour cushions from H&M. Their selection is spot on, I am particularly loving the velvet, don’t forget include a couple of their stripped cushions as well.

Accessorise with North table light from Clas Ohlson, with it’s thin stalk and light base, teamed with a floral engraving shade in black and white, simple understated elegance at a bargain price. Trimmings are really now, up the passion factor by adding a line of red bobble trim from your local haberdashers along the lower edge of the shade. Finally complete the scheme with the piece de resistance, a must have flight of swallows from Urban Outfitters.


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