Pocket Handerchief Allotment

Black Peas: so beautiful you couldn't invent them

Like clockwork every January my fantasy gardening reading material arrives in the form of seed catalogues. As ever I was particularly thrilled with Seeds of Italy, it’s a lovely catalogue with seeds that are just right for every kind of growing condition as well as method of cooking.

Black Peas: beautiful and edible!

Peasant like I love being able to gather what’s really fresh and make a memorable meal out of anything that’s delicious and ready for the pot. I miss my allotments, a friend and I fancied a spot of guerilla gardening and thought about making a move on a fox inhabited over grown triangle plot at the end of the road. On reflection I have plenty of space in my garden that needs sorting. The wonder of watching the inspirational Penelope Bennett in her tiny Chelsea roof garden as she pulled back the sides of a black bin bag to reveal white marble like potatoes growing in them is something that stays forever, plants are happy to grow anywhere.

Frilly Lettuce: take a few leaves whenever you fancy

Rhubarb: so easy for a luscious pudding and the fab pot comes too

Rainbow Chard: little leaves for salad, big leaves for everything

Lots of vegetables can be squeezed into the herbaceous border, there will be cut and come lettuces, rocket, all the colours of the rainbow chard, radishes, tall pyramids of pretty peas and beans, with architectural spires of artichokes, along with nasturtiums weaving through the mix. Courgettes with their huge gold trumpets looking uber glam in tubs, add luscious glossy leaved rhubarb, a trimmed bay and herbs. With a pillow of mixed lettuce from the supermarket at £1.50, a packet of enough lettuce seeds to feed a whole street about £1.50, making a perfect pocket potager is really a no brainer.

Artichoke: this deserves a place in the border

Bay: a must in a kitchen garden

Green Peas: so beautiful


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