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It's a floral season

I’m an exercise book girl, I have tried other books, but return to the originals again and again, it’s ingrained. The collection goes back years.

The collection goes back years

Sometimes the urge to cover an indifferent book miraculously synchronises with enough time to do it. Hunt out some good paper, doesn’t need to be bought, a scrap will do, take a look around, do wonders with an advert from a magazine.

Get the kit together

Be under no illusions this not about making a silk purse out of a sows’ ear, it’s a quickie make over to elevate an ordinary £0.40  exercise book to something extraordinary. There’s no knowing how much a shot of these exuberant high octane florals can brighten your day as you open the book to write notes.

Cut snip and paste paper into position. As you go along blot stray glue with kitchen roll. If the scruffy turned in edges offend you reach for the stars, add end papers, this delicious Turkish delight pink moves me to pleasure.

Snip and stick

When you are finished covering put kitchen roll between end papers and cover, then weigh under a pile of books to flatten. Next day check book is dry, if it’s still damp replace kitchen paper and return to book press for another day.

When dry neaten up edges with scissors or a craft knife.

Lift a book from ordinary to extraordinary




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