Great Garden Chairs

Not your usual plastic garden chair, wouldn't you just love a couple of these!

Great garden chairs take a bit of searching, it’s like any other accessory it’s got to be right, here are some of the great garden chairs I’ve seen recently.

Ham House garden chairs

Chairs at Ham House perfectly positioned for a cosy gossip session, but it would take lots of  invisible gardeners to pull off that look.

Bench on a sculpted hill at Claremont

Huge sculpted humpy hills  dwarf a bench at Claremont Landscape Garden.

I just cant get enough of this groovy chair in the corner of  a walled garden.

Easy, class and style

Perfect floating bench

This delivers, a piece of sculpture and a bench at Broomhill Art Hotel, weightless floating in the garden.

Herbaceous idyll

This bench looks unshakably reliable, there would definitely be afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches and towers of dainty cakes punctually served up in this garden.

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