How to Make A Bag

Make a bag from fabric scraps

How to make your own bags from fabric scraps.

Every Easter the cry goes up, what shall we collect the Easter Egg Hunt eggs in? This year there will be bags at the ready for everyone.

Make your own bags for Easter Egg Hunts from fabric scraps

Make reversible bags quickly using scraps of fabric. If you haven’t got quite enough fabric put together a panel of patchwork scraps.

Make a bag from fabric scraps

For the outside and the lining cut 2 rectangles of fabric 53cm x 28.5cm. Cut 2 handles 28cm x 5cm.

Fabric scraps for bag

Fold both bag pieces of fabric in half and sew 0.5cm from the long edges, to form bags.

Cut, fold and sew

To form the squared base, press the side seam down to meet the central base line. Measure an equal distance of 4.5 cm on both sides of the seam.

Form the base of the bag

Pin and machine along line, then trim off triangle. Repeat with the rest of the corners.

After sewing across corner trim off triangle

Fold down top edge of both bags by 1cm. Put the liner into the outer and pin edges together, make sure the seams are all covered up inside!

Turn in top edges and pin before sewing

To make handles fold fabric on long edge then sew together. Using a safety pin turn out then press.

Use a safety pin to turn right side out

Turn in handle ends by 1cm, then machine into position.

Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt


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