How to Make Your Own Bunting

Make bunting for an instant event

How to make 5 metres of bunting.

Bunting equals instant festivity, countless times it’s dawned on me too late, some bunting wouldn’t go amiss here.  Making bunting, something I have always wanted to do but never quite got around to. Now, as we are getting ready for a mighty street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding it seems a good time to get creative and put some together. Once made it’s always ready for a celebration, birthdays, Christmas, christenings, everyday to make a room jollier or make for a gift.

Make bunting from fabric scraps

It’s great for recycling, use up scraps of fabric, old clothes, sheets or corners left over from dress making, I’ve been surprised at how far scraps go. For 5 metres of bunting the flags I made were 17 floral, 7 red check and 7 blue check.

Make templates from thin card

The template size for the flag depends on the scrap sizes you have, round up your fabric collection and decide what size makes the most flags from your scraps.

Cut templates from thin card something like an old cereal packet, I used the small one W14 cm x L18 cm

Cut out fabric

Draw around fabric then cut out.

At the corner pivot fabric on needle by lifting presser foot

To make a flag put right sides of fabric together and sew close to the edge along the two long sides, pivoting the fabric on the sewing machine needle at the point of the triangle.

Sew lots of flags

When all the flags are sewn clip off the pointy corner and turn the flag right side out, pushing the corner of fabric out with scissors. Press all flags.

Clip the corner of the flags

Pressed flags ready to pin on tape

Pin flags onto tape

Leave a long tail of tape about 70 cm, for tying the bunting up. Fold tape in half to enclose the top edge of flag, start pinning flags, leaving a gap of 5 cm between each one, continue til all flags are pinned in place. Then sew along tape. Now all you have to do is hang it and start partying!

Hang your bunting

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