Secret Garden, Hampstead Heath, Wonderful Place for a Picnic

Atmospheric Secret Garden, Hampstead Heath

Picnics have always been a bit of a tradition in my family and location is just as important as food. I have a memory of a childhood picnic in the Secret Garden on Hampstead Heath and wanted to know if the romantic image I had preserved would stand the test of time. Luckily a friend lives nearby and could recce the location to confirm it still delivers loads of atmosphere.

Secret Garden, as good as Jungle Book

Everyone loves picnics, a magical way to get a group of friends and family together spanning several generations, it doesn’t cost a fortune and everyone can pitch in. There’s lots to do organising a picnic, divide up the tasks between all the picnickers to make the expedition painless for everyone.

Portable picnic

Putting a picnic together from the supermarket is obvious, but if you have more time see it as a chance to break out of the mould buy deliciousnesses from the local deli or ethnic food store or better still do some different cooking, think street food. Make a portable picnic with foods that transporting won’t spoil, grilled meats, a selection of salads, breads, cakes, fruit such as grapes, cherries and blueberries. Decant into a stack of plastic lidded boxes ready for packing. If the weather looks iffy, pack a flask of hot water and some hot drink options, like fruit tea and instant hot chocolate.

Tin plates just get better and better

Divide all the gear up into smaller bags so everyone can help with the carrying. Remember something to sit on and games to play.

Secret Garden, great for hide and seek

After a day of hard picnicking get home for a quick unpack over a snack and a cup of tea before bath, pyjamas, book, bed and ……………….

Secret Garden, another world

sweet dreams of Kubla Khan!

Secret Garden, out of your dreams


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