Little Tweaks for Big Shifts

Great place to work

Rediscovering the joys of working from bed I’ve got the feeling my bedroom needs refreshing. With brooding lavender walls and an antique glass chandelier I’m always conscious my boudoir could easily slide into the oblivion of girly frou frou, it needs nipping in the bud. It’s hard to imagine anything short of a full make over is going to make any difference to a room but I’m a great believer that little tweaks can make big shifts.

Express yourself and introduce new bits, I’m thinking cushions, lampshades and perhaps a rug. Retro paisley silk headscarves from my collection will become cushions. A rug needs to pass the bare foot test, textured and soft. Bang on for now is deep shag pile, in an higher traffic area it would be reduced to looking like it’s been sleeping rough, little risk of that in the bedroom. Juicy little silk candle lampshades in old gold wont be over the top on the twinkly glass chandelier.

Could be from the HRH collection

Though always with a mission to hunt out the unusual and bring a personal twist to design I’m a great believer that judicious chain store buying doesn’t go amiss, they are great places to uncover an unexpected treat. To put the brakes on getting altogether too girly I’m loving the butch textured furrows of jumbo cord cushions from Wilkinson’s at the legendary price of £2.97!

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